70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science
(and What I’ve Learned So Far)

Zero to Five Cover

"I just feel at a loss." "My baby seems bored." "Maybe I'm not doing it right."

"I don't know what to do."

New parents need help. If you’re still pregnant, I know, you’re more worried about caffeine, cankles, and, oh, giving birth than what to do after baby arrives. If baby’s already here, you may have said one of those quotes yourself.

I’ve been there, too. As editor of the bestselling book Brain Rules for Baby, I knew what was good for baby’s brain development. But when my own baby was born, I thought, “Wait, how exactly do I do these things?” And I didn’t have the time or energy to dig through a stack of books.

Zero to Five is the book I wish I’d had. In it, I summarize the best research on engaging with baby, sleeping, feeding, screen time, potty training, discipline, and more.

And Zero to Five is designed with new parents in mind:

  • just flip to any page for a quick tip
  • beautiful photographs of real families that you (and baby) will love
  • fun and funny stories that connect the research to real life
  • hold the baby, not the book – it’s spiral-bound, so it lies flat on its own

Sound good?

Get a sneak peek of Zero to Five, keep scrolling to see a photo tour, or buy the book.


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Posted on Jul 24


Want a sneak peek of the book?

"The coolest—and easiest—book for new parents."


"Bound to become a modern-day parenting classic."



Award-winning photojournalist Betty Udesen spent hours with families to capture these images.


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