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Tracy Cutchlow
The Author

Tracy Cutchlow

I’m the editor of the bestselling books Brain Rules and Brain Rules for Baby, a former editor at The Seattle Times, and mom to one precocious toddler. I like to think I’m a recovering perfectionist, but I still do way too much research on every little thing. I’m a city girl who loves to be outdoors. I’m staying home with baby, mostly, until either of us decides to renegotiate our contract.

Where do I get off writing a parenting book? I’m not a neuroscientist or a child-development expert. Instead, I’m drawing on my journalism experience—and my eye for design—to distill existing research into something readable for us tired new parents.

You can find me biking around Seattle with my husband, Luke Timmerman. E-mail me!

Betty Udesen
The Photographer

Betty Udesen

Moments are special, don’t you agree? My role is to anticipate fleeting glances, nuanced toe-curls and moist eyes that tell stories. I began using cameras in grade school, and never stopped. Visual storytelling has taken me to Africa, Indonesia, Central and South America, and Israel, and deeply immersed me in Seattle’s community where I worked for two and-a-half-decades as a staff photographer at The Seattle Times, before leaving to pursue independent projects.

I live in Seattle with my husband, Benjamin Benschneider (also a photographer) and three very nice cats.

You can find me at

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Want a sneak peek of the book?

"The coolest--and easiest--book for new parents."

Parents magazine

"Bound to become a modern-day parenting classic."

"True to the science."

Science of Mom

"A perfect gift."

Library Journal, starred review


Parent educators

“Just got it and love it! The combination of content, layout, and structure create a synergy that makes the whole more than the sum of the parts. And each part is stand-alone excellent. I am having a hard time putting it down and getting to the work I have to get to today. Well done! I plan to encourage parents to get and use this book in my private parent coaching and workshop services.” (S.S., via email)

“By far the most beautiful parenting book I’ve held. I love the gorgeous pictures of the kids and parents. You do a magnificent job tying together the research along with how it fits within a parent’s everyday life. It’s a wonderful book for parents and parent educators alike!” (K.S., via email)

“I haven’t been this excited about a book in a long time!  I’m a child life specialist and I’ve been a parent educator for 25 years. I will be sharing this wonderful resource with parents at the classes I teach, and with my daughter and her husband when they are expecting. The book is so user friendly. I love the diversity in the pictures and the way you have integrated science with relationship! Bravo! (Michele Tryon, Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters, via email)


“My favorite baby prep book so far.” (5 stars on Goodreads)

“The tips are practical and implementable immediately. We’ve already seen a positive change in our girls (4 and 2) since we started using it.” (5 stars on Amazon)

“I’ve bought and read at least 30 parenting books (sleep, getting toddlers to eat veggies, bullying, family meetings–the whole gamut) which means I’ve invested easily $350 and 250 hours of reading time on parenting books. Because I am at heart a researcher, I don’t mind investing this much time and money into parenting books. So if you’re like me, you could go ahead and do that too. Or you could save yourself a slew of time and money and check out Zero to Five.” (5 stars on Amazon)

“Sometimes I find parenting books to be overwhelming and I can easily lose interest in the many pages of text. Not so with this book!” (5 stars on Amazon)

This book feels like a good talk with an old friend: it bolsters you, realigns you and educates you with a gentle hand.  (5 stars on Goodreads)


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