‘I don’t love you anymore, mama’

My 5-year-old came over to my bedroom door with a paper heart she had colored in and cut out … and then cut in half. She taped the broken heart to my door. We had been wrestling over bedtime. I had tucked her in and she sang, “I’m going to follow yooou.” She hopped out of bed […]

Zero to Five is now in paperback!

My book is out in paperback today! Excited, I popped out of bed and asked my husband to snap these photos, without even doing my hair. How’s that for overcoming perfectionism! The paperback is a smaller, text-only version of Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science (and What I’ve Learned So Far). […]

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Coaching instead of controlling: Does it work?

Last week, we talked about a new way to define parenting: as coaching instead of controlling. What came up for you as you turned this over in your mind? Clare wrote, “I like this idea but must admit I struggle to implement it on any given day. I find myself frequently telling my child to […]

A new way to define “parenting”

Did you make a resolution for this year? A friend of mine made one — as in, a single one — and I liked that. One anchor for the year. Not a bombardment of all the things we’d like to change about ourselves or wish we could do or hope to add to our lives: […]

Look how far you’ve come

What’s one word you would use to describe this year? Before you read on, take a few minutes to let your mind wander over the past year. What events make their way into your thoughts? It’s natural, this time of year, to start looking ahead to goals for the next. But before you do, look back. Reminds […]

Why dinner out makes a poor date night

“Excuse me, are you married?” a woman sitting nearby asked me at a restaurant last week. “Yes,” I said. She looked shocked. “How do you two have so much to talk about?” She’d been silent the entire meal, I’d noticed; now I registered that the man sitting next to her was her husband. It wasn’t […]

How to be an emotionally intelligent parent + more

OK, here’s one you don’t want to miss. This week, I’m thrilled to share talks from the 2017 Positive Parenting Conference with you. Today’s interviews–from big names in parenting education–help us to respond instead of react, gain cooperation from our kids, get renegade rules for parenting a strong-willed child, check out the Danish Way of parenting, boost mindfulness, […]

What do YOU need?

To the mamas, on Mother’s Day: I hope you had a lovely day today. One that ended with gratitude for family and receiving something you needed. It’s a good time to think beyond today. What else do YOU need in your life? Is there a piece of yourself that’s been forgotten? Some piece that was central to you being […]

20 experts’ best tips for thriving with your baby

Wondering if you’re on the right track with your baby? Thinking you could use a realistic plan for navigating these new waters — or at least some more support? My friend, pediatric physical therapist Wendi McKenna, has put together an online summit of 20 child development, maternal, and family health experts — including me — to […]

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